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One of my most recent obsessions has been pj sets and today I’m here to tell you why! I’ve been a long time lover of worn down over-sized t-shirts, you know the kind that have the writing on them that now is unrecognizable. Nothing spoke comfort to me like one of those t-shirts and an equally worn down pair of shorts or pants. But after being a stay at home mom, I realized that I needed to up my game. Seeing as that I spend most mornings hanging out in my pj’s until 10am (on a good day!), I needed to find something that was a little more, shall we say, kid appropriate!

This is where my pajama set obsession was born. There is something about a good pajama set that just makes me feel a little more put together. In the perfect world, I would get up before the girls, be dressed and ready for the day after peacefully enjoying my first cup of coffee, but the reality is, that is SO not my reality! Most mornings I’m greeted by little feet running down the stairs, just as I am settling into my first cup of coffee and you better believe that they want breakfast right then and there. It’s that moment that my dreams of being ready before them are crushed and I’m left thanking God that I bought that cute pj set because I will now be spending another morning in my pj’s.

The great thing about these sets, is that you can find them anywhere! I’ve bought them everywhere from Target to Marshall’s to J. Crew. When it comes to buying sets, I usually look for certain materials. I find certain materials to be more comfortable and easier to move around in which is what we are all looking for in pj’s right?! I mean that is why we’ve been hanging onto those ragged t-shirts for so long.


I honestly cannot rave enough about pj sets. I just love how put together they make me feel. From taking off my make-up at night and crawling into bed to waking up to busy, sometimes frantic mornings, it helps me feel like I take on whatever I face, because hey at least my pj’s are cute!





xoxo, Abby

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  • Reply
    Sarah Sturgess
    February 12, 2018 at 8:02 pm

    Ah I’m obsessed with the black pj set with the cheetah print on the sting and random spots in both the shirt and pants. #targetobsessed I need that outfit!

    • Reply
      Abby Timm
      February 12, 2018 at 9:08 pm

      Aren’t those so cute! I agree, you definitely need them!

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