Valentine’s Day Party For Kids

Valentines Day is quickly approaching, which means school parties and cute little themed play dates are about to be in full swing! Being a stay-at-home mom, I love finding inexpensive ways to keep my girls entertained. Any day that we can do something out of the ordinary is a win for both of us. It gives them and I something to look forward to and adds some excitement into our day, which as any mama knows, can sometimes be hard.

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I am very blessed to have sweet mama friends who will jump on board with my ideas so we hosted a morning play date and invited our friends to come have a Valentines Day Bash with us. This would also be a really cute idea for cousins, I mean who doesn’t love getting together with family and making sweet little memories like this!

Now, the goal of this party was cute but inexpensive. I usually always start at Target, mainly because I am there every other day… the addiction is real. But also because the Dollar Spot, has a great selection of cute and quality items. Everything from the plates to the tin mailboxes to the adorable white ceramic jars with hearts on them came from Target.

To keep on the inexpensive theme, I really wanted to use what I already had lying around the house. Kids are less than impressed with adorable set-ups so I knew having a “cute tablescape” was solely for me. I cut squares of craft paper with decorative scissors and hole punched tissue paper with a 1” hole punch to add some color. This was honestly so easy and best of all, cheap!

The girls love helping me in the kitchen so I needed to come up with some festive snacks that they could help me with. I dipped marshmallows in white chocolate and let the girls decorate them with sprinkles. I couldn’t find any cake pop sticks that I loved so instead I used some paper straws that I already had. I also made some popcorn that I ended up drizzling with white chocolate and let the girls continue on in their sprinkle decorating frenzy.

After seeing how much fun the kids had and knowing how easy it was to throw this little shindig together, I now want to throw them a party for every holiday! This may not be a memory that they keep forever but it is one that I know I sure will.

xoxo, Abby

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