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Let’s talk layers. When you live in the Midwest, mastering the art of layering is a must. With temps ranging from 50’s to 30’s in less than 24 hours, you quickly learn to accommodate so you’re not left freezing one minute and sweating the next.

To create the perfect layered look, I like to start with a cute basic long sleeve tee or turtleneck. These options are great bases to start your layered look with. They are lightweight, making them easy to build upon and when the temps jump up, you are still left with a cute outfit even if you are just down to your “base” layer.

Next, I love adding a button down shirt (think your favorite plaid or chambray shirt) or a lightweight sweater. I love pairing a patterned long sleeve shirt or turtleneck with my favorite chambray shirt. This provides a little bit of texture to your outfit, it keeps you looking put together without everything blending together. I also love that this can be a transitional layer, meaning you can keep adding layers or stop there depending on how much warmth you are looking for.

I like to top it all off with a quilted vest. The reason I favor a vest is because it adds an extra layer of warmth without becoming too bulky. No one wants to walk around looking like the Michelin Man, amiright?! A vest is great especially if you will still need a coat. Around here, one minute you will see flurries swirling around and the next minute, the sun is out and you are asking yourself why the hell you’re wearing a coat! If it is a day that is chilly out but not quite cold enough for a coat, I will replace a quilted vest with a utility jacket. This is especially great for Spring. I can do a post on that when it gets closer to that time of year. A utility jacket is a great staple for heading into Spring with.



The goal to layering is to gradually build upon your first layer so that if you need to shed any of your layers, you can do so without your outfit looking incomplete. The concept of layering can sometimes seem complicated when you start thinking about adding in colors and patterns but the key to is keep your color palette simple. If you are layering a sweater over a plaid shirt, pick a solid color sweater in a coordinating color. The best way to see what is going to work, is to just try it! You honestly never know sometimes. I have tried on outfits, that in my mind, seem like they should go together flawlessly.. and then I put it on aaaand it’s a disaster. I’ll make a simple switch of something I had not thought of before and it all comes together. Sometimes just playing around with your outfit a little can get your creativity flowing.

Layering is also a great way to look at your closet differently. It’s so easy to walk into our closets everyday and start to feel like “you have nothing to wear”. We tend to wear the same shirt, the same way, every time because we sometimes get stuck in those ruts and loose our creativity. Layering can help you think outside the box when it comes to what you have in your closet and it can be so refreshing to bring new articles of clothing to life just by styling it differently.

I hope your week is off to a great start! We got back on Friday from a family trip to Colorado and I have been hit with a cold (ugh) so I’ll be stocking up on as much cold medicine as I can get my hands on to get me through the busy week ahead!

xoxo, Abby

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