The Style Report: Camo Print Everything

As I am sure many of you have already seen, the Camo trend is gracing us with yet another season of its glorious military inspired look and I’m not mad about it! The camo trend has come along way from camouflage print utility jackets. From dresses to shoes to bags, this print has really taken off which means anyone can rock this trend.

Now I know that this trend can be a little intimidating. I mean really who wants camo print plastered across their ass?! Lord knows I have some hips on me and the last thing I want to do is to accentuate them (umm can someone point me to the camouflage that ACTUALLY hides things!?!)

But here is the good news! For anyone thinking the same thing but wanting to try this trend out, you can and I promise, paired with the right top, this print can be just as sliming as a good pair of black denim.

Since the camo trend has been going strong for a while, there are a lot of options out there right now when it comes to pants. From joggers to boyfriend fit to skinny jeans, there is a style out there for everyone, which means finding a flattering camo print pant is easier now that ever. Another thing to consider is the wash or color of the camo print. You know the age old saying “black makes you look thinner”, well that can easily be applied to camo print as well. Look for a print in darker shades vs. lighter. This is also a really easy way to try this trend out in regards to pants because the camo print won’t stand out as much.

Another thing is what you pair your new found camo print pant with. Think chunky cable knit sweaters in a neutral color or a blazer or jacket. This will add some weight up top, balancing the print out on the bottom. Either of these looks could easily be paired with flats or a heel. Booties are also a good option but I lean towards a flat or heel to keep the sillohouette a little more balanced. A pointy toed heel is slimming and lengthens your body and a simple flat, finishes the outfit off with a classic touch without drawing too much attention to your feet.

If a camo print pant is not your thing, have no fear, there are endless other ways to add a touch of camo to your outfit. I think camo print pants, jackets and shirts are the most common ways people think to wear a camo print but if you are not convinced that this trend is for you, there are some really great ways to try it out without jumping in head first. Think scarves, bags or even shoes. These are great ways to ease yourself into this print without feeling like a walking advertisement for the camo trend.

Jacket | Camisole | Jeans | Boots | Bag | Sunglasses | Bracelet | Watch | Earrings

I personally love a good camo print utility jacket. I get so much use out of one because there are so many ways I can style it. From basic denim and a white tee, white button down or even a lightweight sweater to black denim and a gray tee to even white denim and a black tee, I find there are so many ways to wear this jacket, that people won’t even realize I keep wearing it over and over and over again! Now that my friends, is what I call a WIN WIN!

Below I’ve shared some of my favorite camo print items and two looks inspired by them! I hope you all have a great week ahead!

Sweater | Pants | Shoes

Jacket | Shirt | Scarf | Jeans

xoxo, Abby



September Favorites


Hi everyone! Since we are nearing the end of September and will soon be heading into a new month, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a round-up of my favorite things for September.

Below I will share all of my favorite products and just exactly why I love them so much. These are all items that I’ve been using for months and have either repurchased or plan on repurchasing, because they are just. that. good. folks!


  1. L’Occitane Shower Oil– Ladies this stuff is honestly AMAZING. First of all, the smell alone is to die for. The minute I smelled this stuff in the store, it immediately went into my cart. As if the smell wasn’t dreamy enough, I love how soft it makes my skin feel. I actually replaced my shaving cream with this stuff and I will never go back. Because this is technically a shower oil, this stuff comes out of the bottle as the consistency of an oil but lathers like a soap, making in the perfect combination to shave your legs with. Trust me, this stuff lives up the hype. It is pricey for a bottle of shower oil so if you are not down for paying that much (I was hesitant at first too) then I do not suggest you try this stuff because you WILL get hooked!
  2. Leopard Print Scarf– I scored this scarf during the Nsale (yeah, I know, I keep talking about that damn Nsale) and I’m so glad I did. I’m a sucker for anything leopard print but even I can admit sometimes the patterns can look cheap and cheesy. I love the bigger, bolder pattern on this scarf, it is a chic and updated twist on the traditional leopard print and it’s under $20. I am also someone who thinks leopard print is a neutral, so in my eyes, there isn’t anything leopard print doesn’t go with.
  3. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss– You guys, this is the BEST plumping lip gloss EVER! And the best part is that you can get it at your local drugstore! When I first tried it, I was hesitant that it would actually live up to the hype (as most plumping lip glosses don’t) but this one does. It actually plumps, like actually tingles your lips (in a good way) and PLUMPS them. I have tried several different brands of plumping lip glosses only to be disappointed but this one is different. It’s as essential as chapstick to me. When I change bags, this guy always makes the cut and accompanies me wherever I go. I even layer it over lipstick.
  4. Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask– Truthfully I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talk about Tula face products so naturally I was intrigued to try them out. I ended up ordering a travel kit as an affordable way to try the products out without wasting any product or money if I didn’t end of liking it. This was the only product that I ordered the full size of (because it doesn’t come in a travel size) and I am so glad I did because I am obsessed with it. I did not re-order the other products (while good, I wasn’t overly impressed) but I WILL be ordering more of this treatment mask. If my face is looking dull or starting to break out, I use this mask and it clears up my face immediately. It is one of those rare products, that you actually start seeing results the next day.
  5. Suave Dry Shampoo– I love trying new products and dry shampoo just so happens to be one of them. Over the years I have tried several different brands of dry shampoo and truthfully I reach for this one over my Oribe Dry Shampoo every single time. I have used dry shampoo’s in the past and felt like they have weighed my hair down (especially if I am really trying to stretch out those washes and use it several times) but that is not the case with this one. I can use this product over and over again and it only leaves my hair feeling fresh instead of heavy and weighed down. One tip I use and love is to spray your dry shampoo on at night before you go to bed (spray at the roots), massage your head where you’ve sprayed it and then brush your hair. When you wake up in the morning, your hair looks fresh and it doesn’t feel weighed down by any product.
  1. Invisibobble Hair Ties– I am a total hair tie snob. And yes it seems as crazy as it sounds. I have been this way since high school and I completely blame my thick hair. I get so frustrated when I would finally find a good hair tie, only to have them either stretch out or break on me. I have searched high and low for the perfect hair tie only to be disappointed.. until now! You guys, if you suffer from the same ponytail OCD as I do, then look no further because I have found the PERFECT solution to all your ponytail problems! Meet the Invisibobble. They are magical and here is why. First of all, they come in a pack of three and an assortment of colors, from clear to pink to gray. They hold your hair, so no more loose ponytails due to stretched out hair ties. I use them for everything from a low bun to a ponytail to even a messy bun or topknot and they hold ALL of my hair in. Nothing is more frustrating when your hair starts falling out because your hair tie won’t hold all of your hair tight. But the absolute best part and the reason why I cannot recommend these crazy little hair ties enough is because they do not leave crazy kinks in your hair! This is probably my number one pet peeve about elastic hair ties. You put your hair up for a few hours only to let it down and have a HUGE kink through out your hair from your hair tie. I’ve actually been tempted to stock up on these hair ties for fear of them ever being discontinued. Here’s a tip if you find that these start to stretch out over time more than you’d like… put them in some hot water and let them sit for a minute. The hot water will help them shrink back down.
  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Products- I have never been someone who saw the value on spending very much on brow products. In my mind, I thought that all brow products were created equal but after finally breaking down and trying the Anastasia Beverly Hills line, I quickly realized that is not the case. The very first time I used these products, I immediately knew, there would be no turning back. They are so easy to use and worth every single penny. I think it’s safe to say, I will never use another brow product again. The 3 products that I use are the Brow Definer, it has an angled tip, making it easy to line your brows, the Brow Powder Duo, I personally prefer filling in my brows with powder vs a pomade and I love that this comes in a multitude of colors so you can find the perfect shade for you, and last but not least, I finish off with the Brow Gel.
  2. Halogen Wool Floppy Hat– Ever since floppy hats have become a Fall wardrobe staple, I have wanted a floppy hat so bad. But if you know me, finding a floppy hat to fit my small head has been a serious struggle of mine! I have tortured my mom and husband many of times, making them wait as I tried on every. single. floppy. hat that I walked by, in hopes that I would finally find one that fit my head. Well last year was finally my year ladies! Nordstrom finally came out with a floppy hat with an adjustable interior band and it has been the answer to all of my floppy hat prayers. I was so excited when I saw that they brought it back this year so I could purchase it in more colors.
  3. Conair Extreme Steam Hand Help Steamer– I honestly have never been someone who swore by using a steamer. I have purchased two steamers in my life and both were a huge flop and total disappointment. When I had heard good things about this steamer, I decided to pull the trigger and give steaming one last chance and now I am HOOKED! Thanks to this steamer, I steam everything. The best part is that it is the perfect size to travel with so now I don’t have to worry about how I pack my stuff and if my stuff gets wrinkled. I have taken this steamer on two trips and it has come in handy both times so now you better believe this steamer will be on my packing list ever single time.
  4. Ouai Hair Oil– I am someone who suffers from frizzy hair so I will try any product that promises to smooth my frizz and tame my mane. The unfortunate part is that most products can’t seem to tame my frizzy mane, so on the hunt I remained. When I heard about the Ouai Hair Oil, I was intrigued! While a bit pricey this hair oil is honestly amazing. It is lightweight so it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy and heavy, it actually does what it claims to do and it has a nice floral scent. I use it after I blow dry and style my hair because that is when my hair needs it the most. It has tamed all my fly-aways and made my hair feel so soft. I used Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil before I found this and I much prefer the Ouai Hair Oil over Bumble and Bumble’s.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, Abby


It’s All About The Kimono’s

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you about kimono’s and why I think you should try this trend out.

First, and foremost, let’s talk about their versatility. Kimono’s have become such a versatile piece to have in your closet. Ranging in lengths and colors, they can cover a variety of occasions and seasons. Longer lengths can be used as a swimsuit cover up and also paired with denim shorts and a tank during the summer. For the Fall, kimono’s pair perfectly with a cute pair of denim and heels or even sandals.

Being a mom of two little ones, there are certain times or occasions where I just feel a little more comfortable being “covered up” (school events, etc.) but I don’t’ want to worry about getting too hot. This has been the perfect outfit for those times. Kimono’s tend to be lightweight, therefore keeping you covered while keeping you cool.

I especially love pairing a kimono with white or black denim. An all white ensemble topped with a pretty kimono, is a great way to add a pop of color, pattern and interest to your outfit, all while keeping it classic and chic. This is also a great option if you are looking to wear white after Labor Day.

Kimono (old) || Camisole || Jeans || Heels || Bag || Earrings (on sale)|| Bracelet || Watch

Kimono’s are one of those pieces that can essentially go with everything, from swimsuits to shorts to dresses to jeans, the styling options are honestly endless. Even when it comes to shoes, kimonos work great paired with sandals, flats and even peep toe booties when the weather starts to cool off.

And kimonos are not just limited to “after work” hours. You could easily dress a kimono up and make it work appropriate by pairing it with a pretty cami and a skinny pant with heels. Also, did you see that companies like Banana Republic and Express make a “legging” work pant?! Umm where were those when I was working?! You better believe I would have stocked up on those!

Below I have linked some ideas on how you can rock a kimono!


Kimono | Dress | Necklace | Sandals



Kimono | Camisole | Jeans | Booties



Kimono | Camisole | Pants | Necklace | Heels


xoxo, Abby


Lilac Ruffle Sleeve Cardigan

Sweater || Cami (similar here, here and here) || Denim || Heels || Bag || Sunglasses || Earrings || Bracelet || Watch

Happy Hump Day everyone! Today’s post is coming to you a day late, which means I’ll be adjusting my posting schedule just a tad this week. You can expect one from me today and then again on Friday!

I wanted to share this ADORABLE sweater that I snagged (once again) during the Nsale. Thankfully this one is still in stock so you guys can snag one for yourself as well. The moment I saw this sweater, I fell in love and into my cart it went. Shopping online can be tricky at times because you just never know how exaggerated a certain detail can be, and these sleeves seemed very exaggerated which is one of the reasons why I loved it so much. It is such a fun twist on a staple piece. I knew that if I paired this sweater with a simple cami and heels, that it would balance out the size of the ruffles on the sleeves. If you find a piece with a statement detail like this sweater, don’t be intimated by it. By pairing these kinds of tops with a simple silhouette, it will not only make the piece stand out more but also balance out the outfit.

This sweater is one of my absolute favorites right now and you can bet I will be wearing it ALL. FALL. LONG. Not only is it so cute, but it is insanely soft AND it adds an element of interest to your look and all you did was put on a sweater. Does it get any easier than that?!

I hope you guys have a great day! We are half way through the week and the weekend is finally in sight!

xoxo, Abby


Black and White Gingham Top

Top || Jeans || Heels || Bag || Sunglasses || Earrings || Watch || Bracelet

Happy Sunday everyone! I can’t believe we are saying goodbye to another weekend and hello to a new week!

You guys, this may be one the world’s shortest blog posts today. We are wrapping up the weekend around here which means I’m basically scrambling to get as much checked off my to-do list while the hubby is home and I have someone to entertain the kiddos because once Monday rolls around, its basically full on survival mode around here. Anyone else with me?!

Over the summer I purchased this black and white gingham top and it may have been one of my best purchases yet because of how easily it can be transitioned from Summer to Fall. Transitioning pieces has been a topic that I keep finding myself talking about but with Midwest weather, you never know what the temps are going to do this time of year. One week it could be in the low 70’s and the next it could be in the high 80’s so finding tops that can be worn either way is a major score. Nothing is worse than walking out of the house in a light sweater only to have the Midwest heat sneak back up on you mid-day.

Truthfully this top is a really easy one to style! It is one of those tops that looks just as cute paired with shorts and sandals as it does with jeans and heels. And who doesn’t love a top like that?

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, Abby


A Fall Staple

Thursday is finally here which means it’s only one more day until the weekend! Life seems to be moving at break neck speed lately and I am struggling to keep up. Anyone else with me? I can’t believe August wrapped up my second month of blogging, as much as I am enjoying this new endeavor, I have learned that it is not as easy as it looks folks. I give major props to those who do it full-time and make it look like a breeze because let me tell you, it is anything but that! I have struggled to stay consistent but everyday I’m learning more and more and hope that I can find a schedule that I can stick to.
I also cannot say thank you enough to you guys! It means that world that you guys take the time to come visit me in my little corner of the web and read what I have to say. I cannot thank you enough and each time I filled with so much gratitude. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
 Now, on to this outfit……
Is there anything better than jeans and a cute sweatshirt for Fall?! Besides a sweater, a sweatshirt is usually one of the first things I reach for in my closet as soon as the temps start dropping. There is something about being cozied up in a warm sweatshirt when there is a cool breeze in the air. Now a days, there are SO many cute options that you can look way more put together in jeans and a sweatshirt than you feel! Who doesn’t love tricking people into thinking you ACTUALLY had time to get ready?!
I purchased this adorable (and insanely comfortable) sweatshirt during the Nsale and of course, it is now on major sale and sold out (insert eye roll here). Does anybody else have a love hate relationship with the Nsale?! So because I apparently waited too long to show you this adorable sweatshirt (I’ve learned my lesson) I have linked some cute options that I am loving below. I actually have the Sincerely Jules Side Lace Up Sweatshirt in Pink and love it. I linked it below and it is also on sale! Bonus!
I hope you all are having a wonderful week and enjoy the weekend ahead! It’s cooling off around here so we have major plans to soak that up and spend some time with friends!
xoxo, Abby


Ruffles Ruffles Everywhere

Top (sold out) (similar here – I own this one and love it and here) || Jeans || Purse

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Today I wanted to share this adorable top that I snagged during the NSale.

I’m currently loving the ruffle trend so when I saw this blouse, I knew it needed to find its way right into my closet. For me I have to be careful because sometimes ruffles can be a little overpowering on me since I was not blessed with curves up top 🙂 so I try to look for ruffle detailing on silhouettes that I know are flattering on me. With the ruffles adorning the the end of the sleeves and over one shoulder, I knew that this was a ruffle top that I could rock and boy am I glad I can because I will be wearing this on repeat this Fall.

I also love that this is a top that can be paired with sandals or flats during the day, so I can wear it to school events for the girls, but can also be worn with heels for date night or church. Don’t you just love when a simple switch of shoes can breathe a whole new life into an outfit?! I sure do!

I hope you all have an easy and fast moving four day week!

xoxo, Abby


The Cutest Embroidered Dress Under $65

Dress || Shoes || Earrings || Bag

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share yet another cute dress with you all!

I don’t tend to buy many dresses. When I’m out shopping, I tend to gravitate towards tops and denim, it always seems like a more practical choice with two little ones running around but when I saw this dress I fell in love with it. With baby and bridal showers around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect dress to celebrate those occasions in. There are so many things I love about this dress but one of the things I love the most is how versatile this dress is. Not only is it absolutely adorable paired with a neutral heel but it will look so great styled with a pair of sandals. I have these lace up gladiator sandals in gold and I plan to wear them with this dress as well. Also, I was sold the minute I laid eyes on the embroidery detailing. As you know, that is a trend that is following us right on into Fall and I am not mad at all about it! Give me all the embroidery detailing! I think it just adds an element of interest that can take a dress or a denim jacket right on up to the next level.

Also this adorable Bamboo Basket Bag is a MUCH cheaper version than the coveted Cult Gaia’s Ark Bag so when I saw it, I just had to have it. I wore it out over the weekend and received so many compliments on it. It’s such a fun and unique bag and definitely one to add to your collection. I have so many outfits I plan on wearing it with and will be using it straight into Fall.

I hope you guys’ week is off to a great start! Today has seriously been one of the most unproductive days around here, but hey, at least I’m showered, the kids are dressed and we got through the Chick-fil-A line in less than 10 mins so I’ll take my wins where I can get them! #goals

xoxo, Abby


White Lace Up Dress & Denim Jacket

White Lace-Up T-shirt Dress || Denim Jacket || Baseball Hat || Sneakers

Hey everyone! After over a two week hiatus, guess what… I’M BAAAACK! Summer has officially come to a close around here which means the girls are BOTH in school and mama has more time to blog!

Today I wanted share this adorable White Lace-Up T-shirt Dress with you all. If you guys are anything like me, you are over the summer heat and ready for some cool Fall weather. Sadly we are not quite there yet but we are getting close which is why I wanted to share this great transitional outfit.

Lately I’ve been completely over shopping for summer outfits and in full on Fall mode but when I saw this dress I just knew it would be perfect for now AND for later. It will keep me cool when the days are still warm but by adding a denim jacket around my waist, not only does it give me a waistline and adds a cute touch to this outfit, but it’s also perfect for when the evenings start to cool off.

I have been on a baseball hat kick lately. There are so many cute options out there right now and I love accessorizing an outfit with them. I have really thick hair which means it takes me FOREVER to wash, blow-dry and style my hair. I dread the process so much that I have to seriously mentally prepare myself for it, think pep-talk. Dry shampoo and hats have been a life saver for me so any outfit that I can add a hat to, I’m all in.

Also, if you are on the hunt for a good sneaker, especially since we are heading into Fall, these sneakers are by far the best sneakers that I own. They are my go to sneaker because they seriously go with everything. I pair them with everything from dresses, to jeans and a utility jacket or sweatshirt, to jeans and sweater. I just bought a pair of the Spanx faux leather leggings during the NSale and you can bet I’ll be wearing them with those as well. I’m thinking leggings with a chambray shirt with a chunky knit sweater layered over top of that and paired with my favorite Converse sneakers. I think I may have just found my Fall uniform folks!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and have a wonderful week ahead! Thanks for reading and following along, words fail me on how much that means to me!

xoxo, Abby


An Easy and Effortless Look


Happy Sunday everyone! We headed out to Iowa on Friday morning to visit with family and celebrate Eric’s grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. It was so wonderful seeing everyone and celebrating a beautiful couple that has been an inspiration to Eric and I. They are an amazing example of what love, marriage and teamwork look like.

With summer coming to a close, it seems like our schedule is getting busier instead of slowing down which has definitely caused me to look for outfits that are comfortable and easy to throw together. For me, I love pairing a blouse with denim shorts, I find it’s a great way to look put together without needing to put too much thought into your outfit. A lightweight blouse is perfect for summer because it not only gives you mobility but also breathability, which is important in these final hot and humid summer months. One of the many reasons I love this blouse in particular is because it’s a great transitional piece and there are so many ways you can style it. When the weather starts cooling off, this blouse is great paired with your favorite denim and booties or even heels for a date night or girl’s night out. It can easily be dressed up or worn more casual which means the styling possibilities are endless. I have this blouse in two colors and have worn them so many different ways. It has been a great go-to top that I can throw on in a pinch and look like I put some effort into my outfit.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a fabulous week ahead!


XOXO, Abby